White Pp Pvc Sticker

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White PP PVC Sticker for your packaging label.

Customization and desired designs for sticker label.

  • In EUC Printing, customers are able to design and customize their designs in any desired sizes and shapes their heart desires. Thus, the end product will give a satisfying feeling towards the customer and also us in EUC Printing.
  • The sticker comes with a glossy surface eventhough it is based on paper material. If you are seeking for premium look label for your product, this is your option due to cheaper price. This sticker usage suggestions:-

* White PP PVC Sticker is water-proof material.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Products, Food Products, Metal Surface, Wood Surface, Glass Bottles, Plastic Packaging, Dry Surface,Perfume bottle, Hair shampoo bottle, Food packaging, Frozen Products, Pharmaceutical products

Benefits of Stickers

  • Create a Buzz Around Your Brand
  • Increase Your Brand’s Visibility
  • Generate Brand Recognition

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