Transparent Pvc Sticker

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Transparent PVC Sticker for your packaging label.

Customization and desired designs for sticker label.

  • In EUC Printing, customers are able to design and customize their designs in any desired sizes and shapes their heart desires. Thus, the end product will give a satisfying feeling towards the customer and also us in EUC Printing.
  • The sticker comes with a glossy surface eventhough it is based on paper material. If you are seeking for premium look label for your product, this is your option due to cheaper price.?This sticker?usage suggestions:-

* Transparent PVC Sticker is water-proof material.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Products, Food Products, Metal Surface, Wood Surface, Glass Bottles, Plastic Packaging, Dry Surface,Perfume bottle, Hair shampoo bottle, Food packaging, Frozen Products, Pharmaceutical products.

Benefits of Stickers

  • Create a Buzz Around Your Brand
  • Increase Your Brand?s Visibility
  • Generate Brand Recognition
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