Die Cut Foam Board | Custom Shape Foam Board

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Die Cut foam board for product display in shopping mall.

Die Cut foam board is done by printing graphics with custom shape into sticker, mount into 5mm foam board and then using high-end flatbed cutter to cut out desired shape. The die cut foam board suitable usage for shopping mall in displaying human-standee, discount round shape foam board hanging mobile. These lightweight indoor signs are ideal for hanging up or placing in a frame in any indoor space, from around your retail shop, to your office space.

Cutout foam board and sign printing.

By using our latest printer, that can produce up to 720 DPI resolution, the color printed on the sticker will look even more vibrant and lively. All die cut foam board can be done within 5-8 days. Get instant online foam board pricing or “harga foam board” at our pricing calculator and order online now!