Common Seal (Company Seal)

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Common Seal by EUC Printing

Embossing Seal With Advance Engraving

Common seal is a type of Embossing Seal & is an official seal use by corporate body. (Sometimes referred to as the Corporate Seal or Company Seal) which we using advance engraving technology machine & high quality brass plate give your seal press a superior imprint.

Common Seal are generally use for document which need to be executed as deeds (contract) & certain corporate document like Share Certificate. The primary components that a common seal maker in Malaysia incorporates in the seal are:

  • The client’s company name
  • The state and year of incorporation
  • Other additional information specifically requested by the client for customization purposes.


Procedure for Order 流程订单


  • Please use JPEG, TIFF, PDF File.
  • Your Photo must very clear when it is 1:1 ratio, all wording needed to create outline. (Pictures download form internet are not recommended due to low resolution)
  • All files have to be save in eps format. Open with photoshop in 1:1 ratio, resolution of the file should be between 150-300dpi. Please choose CMYK color.
  • Make sure your design is clear at 100% view in actual pixels, then save into TIFF or JPEG format.


  • Please choose CMYK color as design color, do NOT use RGB color. (Our company will not be responsible for the color mistake if using other than CMYK color )


  • Support Software :Illutrator, Photoshop, Freehand, CorelDraw
  • Please create all wording to outline
  • File is in 1:1 ratio
  • Please set resolution to 300dpi. Please use TIFF, JPEG file format
  • Please delete unrelated CD or FTP files to avoid unnecessary conflicts & misunderstanding
    Common Seal Showguide by EUC Printing