Bowhead Beach Flag


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Bowhead Beach Flag is a portable graphics system.

The flag is easy to handle and to set up. With our good quality of photo printing , the flag will be able to attract prospective customer to your booth.

You just pull it out when you need it and roll it down when you are done. Roll up bunting is ideal for outdoor function and events so on.

Bowhead Beach Flag – Product Information:


Printable Size of Bow Banner
(Visual Size)
Size / Height of Flag with stand
Small: 502 (W) x 2048 (H) mm 520 (W) x 2500 (H) mm
Medium: 550 (W) x 2350 (H) mm 575 (W) x 3000 (H) mm
Large: 650 (W) x 3350 (H) mm 700 (W) x 4000 (H) mm
Extra Large: 750 (W) x 4050 (H) mm 800 (W) x 5000 (H) mm
  • Suitable for: Exhibition, promotion, open day, booth, competition, market, group activity(raise the flag as a command or a signal)
  • Single-sided printing: mirrored image on the other side, 85-95% bleed through
  • Double-sided printing: Silver layer inlay to allow different images on both sides and will not show through. Display different promotion messages on both sides.
  • Ideal for maximizing the impact of your brand image and promotion message
  • Allow the flags to move easily with the wind and create a great visual effects
  • Not to be tear or destroyed by the wind easily
  • Package included: Print + pole + carry bag + Budget Base of Hard Ground Cross Feet